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101 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11211

Moshik Nadav Typography is a typography-based design firm based in New York City, specializing in elegant type design. We provide innovative, tailored typography solutions for brands and private clients, by providing custom typefaces, cutting-edge logotype design, editorial services, and typography consultation. With a passion for high-end fashion and luxurious forms, we build bold yet alluring, one of a kind typefaces and design.

Lingerie Typeface

The Most Advanced Typeface Yet.

Designed For Fashion. Made to Seduce.

Like a newborn, it takes time to bring a new font into the world of typography. But working tirelessly with unbounded passion for avant-garde perfection, and didn’t stop at 9 months. It has taken over 2 years to birth our stunning magnum opus.

Fully immersing ourselves in the physical landscape and emotional euphony of the world around us, what emerged was a magnificent symphony of letterforms. Bold, seductive curves with sexy lines, runway ready. This is typographic innovation at its most gorgeous. Luxurious and fashion-forward type design is reinvented. This is the birth of Lingerie Typeface.

Lingerie Typeface will change the fashion & luxury industries. Forever. It’s the font that spells couture.

Lingerie Typeface, like fashion itself, is fast-paced and ever-evolving. An endless combination of letters flowing into each other is harmoniously orchestrated with a pulsing fervor that exudes sexiness.

This typeface will truly break the mold of fashion type design. Perfectly blending a font’s rhythmic agility and a designer’s capability for expression in boundless, alluring ways that will leave you gasping for more. We believe Lingerie Typeface will rise and establish itself as the modern archetype for the world of fashion.

Perfection in a shape

A set of cutting edge letterforms. typography becomes stratospheric.

No Boundaries

With over 700,000 Glyphs. Imagine the possibilities.

Six Outstanding Styles

Choose a style, combine it with others. make a Statement.

Language support

Makes it Multilingual.

Precision at its best.

Each glyph is designed to set new boundaries. To inspire. To re-invent letterforms.

all the way. And beyond.

A perfect swash made even more perfect with 3 swashes ends.


Having a second option. or more. 

Swashes. like Never before.

tens of Thousands of Extraordinary swashes per style. make every word a creation.  

Lingerie Typeface alternate o by Moshik Nadav Typography


endless combinations. unique expression. 

Ampersand. As Always, breaking the mould.

Yes. It also comes with alternates Swashes.