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101 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11211

Moshik Nadav Typography is a typography-based design firm based in New York City, specializing in elegant type design. We provide innovative, tailored typography solutions for brands and private clients, by providing custom typefaces, cutting-edge logotype design, editorial services, and typography consultation. With a passion for high-end fashion and luxurious forms, we build bold yet alluring, one of a kind typefaces and design.


Custom Typography Necklaces

Moshik Nadav

The trend towards typography as jewelry has been around for a while; who can forget Sex And The City and Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic Commercial Script necklace? But almost all have been based on existing fonts, until now. An exciting new collection has been created by Moshik Nadav Typography, generating spellbinding and surprising jewelry. The tantalizing letters and enchanting ligatures he has designed, connect to create entirely unique pieces. Now you can choose from his exclusive existing range (pictured) or contact him directly to have your name or favourite word immortalized in 14 carat gold, gold plated or silver. The opportunity to have personalized, bespoke creations has never been more accessible.

Moshik Nadav shows his first Typography unisex Jewelry collection. Model: Rebeca Campelo.

His pieces say so much more than the written word, the craftsmanship is exemplary, and the quality is undeniable. They provide a unique statement, adding sass and sophistication to any ensemble. Luminous in photos, even more impressive in the flesh, it’s the perfect necklace to guarantee envious looks and admiring comments. 

Typography Love Necklace. Available in 14K gold, Silver and Gold Plated. Buy Now

Gold Plated Love necklace. Unique and Special necklace by Moshik Nadav Typography. Buy Now

Love - a universal message and the lifeblood of our lives made even more stunning in MNT range. Wear this to evoke the feeling in yourself and those around you.

14K Believe Necklace. Designed to inspire by Moshik Nadav Typography Buy Now

Believe Silver Necklace, Designed by Moshik Nadav Typography. Buy Now

All necklaces comes in a fancy gift boxes. Buy Now

Believe - follow your convictions with this evocative piece. Nadav captures the essence of the word’s magic and meaning in this statuesque design.

Unique Ampersand necklace. Design by Moshik Nadav Typography. Buy Now

Sexy Ampersand necklace by Moshik Nadav Typography. Buy Now

Silver ampersand necklace by Moshik Nadav Typography. Buy Now

Ampersand - A personal obsession of Nadav’s, here he has created his most sumptuous ampersand yet. What comes after this ligature is up to you…

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