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Moshik Nadav Typography is a typography-based design firm based in New York City, specializing in elegant type design. We provide innovative, tailored typography solutions for brands and private clients, by providing custom typefaces, cutting-edge logotype design, editorial services, and typography consultation. With a passion for high-end fashion and luxurious forms, we build bold yet alluring, one of a kind typefaces and design.


Typography is what makes a good Fashion magazine.

Moshik Nadav

Fashion magazines are much admired for amazing covers, beautiful layouts and for their luxury ads, and by using fashionable fonts and stylish typography their image becomes evermore luxurious. Most popular fashion magazines use serif fonts like Bodoni or Didot as their standard font but today more and more magazines are started to use original, custom made fonts. We will discuss contemporary fashion magazines design and fonts in more detail.

Over the last few years fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, V magazine, W magazines and or GQ magazine have all started using more exciting, inventive typefaces, moving away from traditional fonts.

Michelle Obama on Vogue Magazine

What makes a font fit for a Fashion magazines?

A good typography layout is the combination of a very well crafted font and a the content of a luxury fashion magazine. So what makes a font works for fashion magazine? The proportion of the letters is one of the most important aspects, also the contrast and the serifs of the letters are what is required to achieve the very sexy look. High contrast between the thick and the thin lines next to a beautiful model is the ultimate formula for a sexy spread.

Lingerie Typeface for a fashion magazine spread

Another thing that makes fashion magazine layout look desirable, is a combination of serif and sans serif fonts. The simplicity of the sans serif font along with the serif font can give a very modern yet timeless look. The quality of look is dependent on the caliber of the typographer and then perfectly composing their work in the layout. Here are a few examples:

Combined numerals and products will make every fashion magazine spread glow.

A highly popular magazine spread is the Editor’s picks, be it jewelry, accessories or gadgets. This layout composes of the much sought-after, beautiful items, often with numerical fonts in order of preference. This page always pops. The numerical aspect enhances the look, breaking up magazine’s the editorial content.

Make a statement with big letters

Another attribute of a fashionable spread is using large scale serif lettering. You will find this technique used in almost every issue of popular fashion magazines. Some even like to add color to maximize the impact. Here is a great example of GQ magazine using Paris Pro Typeface upper case G for their interview with Giorgio Armani:

GQ magazine using Paris Pro Typeface by Moshik Nadav Typography

Black and White

Black and White typography is very popular among fashion magazines. Most of the fashion magazine do not use color in their typography layout design. Commonly you will find black type on white background, perhaps with one character in a contrasting color, as Vogue did while using Paris Typeface lowercase g.

Paris typeface lowercase g on vogue magazine special issue


Lowercase g in fashion magazines

The lowercase g has huge appeal in fashion magazine. It’s a very playful letter and in big scale it's just beautiful. Here you can see a sample of the Paris Typeface lowercase g next to Lady Gaga as used by ELLE UK

Paris Typeface Lowercase g in use by ELLE UK next to the Diva Lady Gaga

Swashes that says couture

To make a decadent statement, the perfect solution is to use swashes. The swashes add an ornamental look, command attention and create a very fancy look. Swashes are not part of every font, but there are fonts that includes swashes. The most popular and adaptable ones are from the New York type design studio, Moshik Nadav Typography, eg Paris Pro Typeface. You can find more than 1300 amazing glyphs in each style of Paris Pro Typeface and the super sexy Lingerie Typeface has more than 30,000 glyphs in each style, with more than 700,000 glyphs in total.

Ligature for fashion magazines

A sexy ligature is always a good option for fashion magazines. Whether on a fashion magazine cover or throughout its internal pages, it's always refreshing and pleasing to the eye, to see a beautifully constructed ligature.


Custom made type for fashion magazines

Commonly, magazines use standards fonts but to elevate a piece and go the extra mile, perhaps for names of prominent figures in fashion or the public eye or to enhance a layout for it to really pop, custom made type is the way to go. Here are a few samples of custom type design:


Ampersands on fashion magazine

The ampersand is an fantastic symbol. It's super playful, flowing and creative. The traditional ampersand is made out of the letters ‘e’ and ’t’ but today you can find many original variations. Here are a few playful ampersands samples that you will love:



Yes, even brackets have a role in fashion magazines. Most of the time they are used for decoration. It focuses the reader on the content and creates a seductive, original typographic composition.

Paris typeface - moshik nadav typography


As we have seen, the lifeblood of fashion magazines is creating a eye-catching, artistic spread with a strong typographic design. If you would like to explore more fonts for fashion magazines, we recommend on the following typefaces:

Paris Typeface - A contemporary and timeless typeface, used by ELLE UK, Vogue and many other brands.

Paris Pro Typeface - Beautiful and very famous typeface, comes with more than 1300 glyphs that includes sexy swashes, amazing ligatures, ready-made words and cool numerals.

Lingerie Typeface - the most advanced typeface yet for fashion magazines. Includes more than 700,000 glyphs. Comes with stunning swashes, ligatures, seductive numerals and ready-made words.

For any enquiries or questions, please contact us.